Wedding Planners – 3 Tips for a Successful Wedding Planning Business


Tips to Become a Top Wedding Planner

You’re excited to finally start your own wedding planning business. But, are you trying to attract brides before you have a clear idea of what your business is going to look like?

According to Michael Port, author of the best-selling book, “Book Yourself Solid,” many new entrepreneurs make this common mistake. In an article in the current issue of Success magazine, he offers tips to help create a well thought-out business that can attract many clients and become very successful.

Here are 3 of his tips that I’ve customized to help you, as you start your wedding planning business:

1) Determine your ideal bride

Yes, you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s true, your business will be more successful if you have a narrow target market. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to help every type of bride who’s out there. Select a specific group of brides who have something in common, for example; their geographic location, financial status, or the type of wedding they want, who also have the budget and the desire to hire a wedding planner.

2) Be relevant

Once you know your ideal bride, become an expert at solving her wedding planning problems. Then create a business with services that meet her needs and a marketing message that shows her that you understand her and can help her.

3) Prove to your bride that she needs to hire you

Emphasize the unique qualities you have that will make a bride want to hire you instead of your competition. And, get testimonials from brides you have worked with, even if they didn’t pay you for your wedding planning services, so potential clients can understand from other brides how great you are at planning weddings.

Also, always be at your best. Dress, act and speak with confidence and power, and make sure your marketing efforts, both in print and online, look polished and professional.

And you can learn more about starting and running your wedding planning business in my Free Special Report “7 Steps to Becoming a Top Wedding Planner.” You can get it here.

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