Wedding Planners: 3 Tips for Marketing Your Business During the Holidays


Wedding Planners - Tips for Marketing During the Holidays

The holidays are busy for everyone, but as a wedding planner you may feel more overwhelmed than most people. You may be juggling personal holiday commitments and busy working with your existing clients, brides whose weddings are set for early next year.

Because you feel overwhelmed, you may be tempted to delay marketing your services to brides who are getting engaged now, during “engagement season,” thinking you can wait. But while you don’t want to spent every waking moment working, it’s important to stay in front of people and keep moving forward with your business.

Here are 3 tips that can help you continue moving forward without feeling more stressed:

1) Make a “to-do” list

Yes, success often starts with writing a list. Once you take the time to write down what you want to accomplish, in your personal and professional lives, you may see that some things really don’t need to be done at all.

2) Focus on completing only one lofty business goal during the holidays

If your “to-do” list for the next two weeks includes too many goals, you will feel too overwhelmed to get any of them done. For example, don’t think you can set up a website, create a blog, finish a wedding planner certification you haven’t started yet, and meet new vendors and visit new venues all in the next two weeks. Move forward with one big thing and schedule the rest for early 2013.

3) Realize that social events are opportunities

You don’t want to make sales pitches at holiday parties but you should be ready to share stores about the weddings you have planned, you never know who might know someone who needs a wedding planner. And, of course, always keep business cards close at hand so people can contact you later.


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