Wedding Planners – 3 Ways to Persuade Brides to Hire You


How Wedding Planners Can Persuade Brides to Hire Them

As a wedding planner you probably wish that all you have to do to get a bride to hire you is post some information on Facebook then meet and talk about your services. Unfortunately, it often takes more. You need to persuade a bride that you are the right wedding planner for her. In order to do that, you will have to know what type of bride she is.

Here are 3 types of brides along with tips on customizing your presentation so they each would understand how well you can help them:

1) The well-informed bride

If you are meeting with a bride who has reads the most popular wedding blogs, has Pinterest boards full of ideas and inspiration and has subscriptions to all of wedding magazines, chances are good she has also spoken to other wedding planners and is comparing you against them.

What to do – After she has shared some details about her wedding vision, give her an idea (no detailed information until she is a client!) of how you would help her incorporate some current trends into her plan. Then give her detailed information about your services and the benefits you provide that are unique and make you stand out from the competition.

2) The uninformed bride

This bride is new to the wedding planning process and doesn’t really know what a wedding planner can do for her.

What to do – Spend time asking questions to find out what she wants for her wedding and explain the wedding planning process. Then share the benefits of what you do and tell her how, with your specific skills and expertise, you can help her have the wedding of her dreams.

3) The competitive bride

Some brides like to make sure their weddings stand out as the best among those of their family and friends. They talk about what others have done and want something more.

What to do – Let this bride know you have a network of high-quality wedding vendors and show her some of the work you have done together. Also, share testimonials from happy brides, especially those in which the bride has mentioned how impressed her guests were with her wedding.

By understanding what type of bride you are talking to, you can emphasize the features and benefits of your services that would be important to her and make a sale. (Yes, you are also a sales person when you are a wedding planner.)

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