Wedding Planners – 4 Things You Can’t Expect From Your Fellow Wedding Vendors


What do you expect of your fellow wedding vendors? A brand new wedding planner asked me how to get other vendors to refer her and how to get them to give deep discounts to her brides. While other wedding vendors are eager to work with you, you need to have realistic expectations about your relationship.

Here are 4 things you can’t expect from wedding vendors:

1) You can’t expect them to automatically refer you as soon as you meet

Experienced wedding vendors have a reputation to maintain. They will want to know that they can trust you to be professional, honest, great at planning weddings, customer focused, and easy to work with. You can show them you are all these things by being on time when you meet, showing them a portfolio of the events you have planned, and developing a relationship in which you frequently keep in touch with them, without constantly asking if they have referrals for you.

2) You can’t expect them to work below their costs

I’ve spoken to new planners who want deep discounts for their brides. While it’s right to negotiate to get a good price for your brides, be fair to your vendors, they deserve to make a profit, just like you do. And you don’t want to get known in the business as a wedding planner who takes advantage of wedding vendors to get brides to hire them. News travels fast and you soon won’t have any high quality vendors who want to work with you.

3) You can’t expect them to do things which aren’t right, just because you and your bride want them

Don’t ask vendors to do things which aren’t ethical or legal, and don’t work with any vendors who are willing to do them. Vendors may need to get special permits, limit guest size, hire union workers, and do a variety of things which may drive up costs, take longer than anticipated, or make you and your bride adjust your plans, in order to meet their industry rules. If they are doing something that seems against what you and your bride want, talk to them and find out the reason why.

4) You can’t expect any referrals from them if you don’t treat them well

Yes, you are in charge of the wedding day but be clear and firm without being rude. Treat everyone with respect throughout the planning process so the wedding day will go smoothly and you will see more referrals flowing in from your vendors.


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