Wedding Planners – 4 Tips For Getting Results When Asking For Referrals


Wedding Planners - How to Get Referrals

Are you finding yourself talking to everyone about your wedding planning business but still not getting referrals?

This happens to many new entrepreneurs and current issue of Success magazine has an article that addresses this topic.

Here are 4 of the tips they offered for improving success with referrals along with my comments on how to make them work for your wedding planning business:

1) Don’t appear desperate

Begging, pleading or mentioning your business is struggling won’t help you get referrals. People will wonder why you haven’t been able to attract many brides and may assume it’s because you aren’t a good wedding planner.

2) Be crystal clear about what you do

While you may also plan other types of events or have other businesses, don’t talk about them when you are trying to get referrals as a wedding planner. People will get confused and end up not referring you because they can’t remember what you do. Also, when it comes to wedding planning, people want to refer an expert who is skilled at helping brides on their important day, not a Jack or Jill-Of-All-Trades who happens to plan weddings along with doing other types of work.

3) Tell them the type of brides you want

Successful wedding planners have a niche and they tell others who it is they want as a client. For example, if you are looking for brides who have busy careers and want a full-service wedding planner, tell people so you don’t get referrals to Do-It-Yourself brides who are only looking for consultations.

4) Explain why brides should hire you

Just telling someone you’re a wedding planner isn’t enough. Let them know the unique benefits your services offers to brides and share a story of how you have helped a bride in the past.

Always send a note of thanks to the person who referred you, whether or not their bride became your client. They’ll appreciate your expression of gratitude and remember you when they meet another bride.

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