Wedding Planners – 4 Tips For Staying Motivated


4 Tips To Help Wedding Planners Stay Motivated When They Are Getting All Of The Brides They Want

Every wedding planning business has highs and lows. When you are new, it may seem like there are a lot more lows than highs because success isn’t coming as fast as you thought it would.

Here are 4 tips that will help you stay focused and motivated when your not getting as many brides as you would like:

1) Give yourself a short break

Walk, listen to music, dance, do whatever it takes to get your mind on something else. When you get back to your work you’ll have more energy and might even have more ideas on how you can do things differently to attract brides.

2) Get rid of negative thoughts

Thinking about things you believe you did wrong or how your competitors are doing better that you are will not help you move forward. Don’t beat yourself up!

Instead think about your past successes, for example, how you easily won that last bride, the compliments you receive about your work, or the fact that you put up a website or blog and learned to start marketing your services – that’s a great accomplishment!

3) Set a small, attainable goal

There is a lot to think about and do when you start a wedding planning business. Quite possibly, you gave yourself too many hard-to-reach goals when you opened. By trying to accomplish them all quickly, you may have lost the excitement you once had.

Take a step back, decide on one small goal you can accomplish successfully in a short amount of time. It might be finding and meeting a new vendor for your network. Or, it might be writing a article offering tips on a topic that would interest your brides, posting it on your website or blog, then sending out a link to it on Twitter and Facebook for additional exposure.

4) Refocus on your passion for weddings

Remember you started your wedding planning business because you love weddings and wanted to help the brides in your niche have the weddings of their dreams. Those brides are still out there, and they need your expertise and skills.

Don’t give up!

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