Wedding Planners – 4 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated to Start Your Wedding Planning Business


Don't Hesitate to Start Your Wedding Planning Business

Are you having trouble motivating yourself to start you wedding planning business? It does happen, even though this is your dream, the thought of making it a reality can make you feel overwhelmed and send you into a slump.

If this seems true for you, here are 4 things you need to do:

1) Find inspiration from top wedding and event planners

Talk to successful planners and others in the wedding business or, if you don’t know any, Google the names of celebrity wedding planners and read their stories. You’ll find that they weren’t handed clients and didn’t inherit an already successful business, they started by working hard, doing their best and not giving up.

2) Plan to start small

It may be you’re in a slump because you think you need to start your business with a big launch party, a fancy website, paid advertising on wedding websites and booths in every bridal show. If you try to do all of this when you first start, your time, energy and money will quickly run out.

Instead, do some research, chose a niche, start talking to people about the benefits of your wedding services and find some places where you can meet potential clients and business partners. Also, start connecting with brides online by putting up a website and/or blog and opening business accounts on Facebook and Pinterest.

3) Keep reading about weddings

If you’re really passionate about weddings, there is no way you can look at wedding magazines, websites blogs and Facebook pages and not be inspired and motivated to be in the business. Take time every day to read about weddings and you’re sure to be excited about starting your own business.

4) Dwell on the benefits

If you are dwelling on the obstacles and problems you think you might face when you start your wedding planning business, you’ll stay in your slump.

Think instead about the excitement of being able to do something you really love, of being your own boss and of being able to help brides with your expertise.

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