Wedding Planners – 5 Excuses That Stop You from Becoming Successful


Wedding Planners - Don't let these 5 excuses stop you from becoming successful

Every week I receive an email from someone who says they would love to become a top wedding planner, then they tell me reasons why they can’t make it. More often than not their reasons are excuses that are stopping their chances for becoming successful.

If you are making any of the 5 excuses listed below, my advice on each may help you move forward:

Excuse #1 – “I don’t have any connections”

Most wedding planners don’t have the connections they need when they start out. You have to get out and start talking about your wedding planning business to friends and family members. Find out if they know photographers, caterers, florists and wedding vendors whom you can meet and work with and brides who need you. Start attending and joining business and social groups to meet more people and widen your circle of contacts.

Excuse #2 – “I don’t live in a big city”

It isn’t just brides who live in big cities who need help planning their weddings. In fact, brides who don’t have access to all of the resources that they may see on wedding websites and Pinterest would welcome a wedding planning expert who can help them find local resources. Or, you can help them create what they want with what is available in their local area and online.

Excuse #3 – “I’m too young (or too old)”

Age is not a factor to becoming a success as a wedding planner. You can develop the skills and get the experience you need no matter what your age.

Excuse #4 – “I don’t have the right background”

Maybe right now you’re in an entirely different job or career, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start acquiring the knowledge and experience you need to become a top wedding planner. Look into evening, weekend and online classes that can teach you the business, marketing and wedding and event planning skills that you need. Also, see if there are wedding planners, florists, and bridal boutiques who would be willing to take you as an intern.

Excuse #5 – “I don’t have the time”

You may think because you have a job, school or a family, there isn’t enough time to spend to become a success. But, if being a wedding planner is a priority for you, get focused. You may need to give up watching television, using social media that is not relevant to building your business and/or spending hours chatting on the phone or texting with friends in order to have what you want.

If you truly want to become a successful wedding planner, give up your excuses and start working towards realizing your dream. Others have done it, you can too.

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