Wedding Planners – 5 Professionals You May Want In Your Vendor Network (They’re Not The Typical Ones)


 Professionals Wedding Planners Need In Their Vendor Network

As a wedding planner, you probably have photographers, caterers, florists, and bakers in your vendor network. But do you have professionals who can help your brides with some of their personal needs?

Celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie thought about going beyond helping brides with their planning details and now has a member of his staff who offers emotional and spiritual guidance for his brides.

While a spiritualista might not be someone you feel your brides need and you might not want to add members to your staff, it’s a good thing to think about some of the personal needs your brides have prior to their weddings. To help your brides, consider adding professionals to your network who aren’t typically thought of as wedding vendors.

Here are 5 professionals you might want to add to your network:

1) Dentists

Couples cherish their wedding photos and many brides like to whiten their teeth, get veneers, or even braces before their wedding. Get them to plan ahead if they want to do this, some procedures take months to complete.

2) Dermatologists

Brides want their skin to look radiant and may feel a need to reduce redness, brown spots, or tiny wrinkles before their big day. Again, make sure they schedule these procedures in advance. Harsh treatments, like chemical peels, must be done at least a month before a wedding.

3) Nutritionists

Bridal magazines are full of suggestions for losing weight before a wedding day. Instead of fad or crash diets, suggest your brides talk to their doctors and work with professionals who can help them develop healthy eating habits.

Beware of referring your brides to people who claim to have weight-loss solutions for brides but are really trying to sell diet pills, supplements, juices, and cleanses.

4) Personal Trainers

Sometimes a bride doesn’t feel a need to lose weight but does want her body to be more toned and may want someone to teach her to do it properly.

5) Financial Advisers

A bride needs to not only be overseeing her wedding budget, she needs to make plans for her future, understand how to manage any debts and investments she has, and know how she and her fiancé will manage their money once they are married. Beware of introducing your brides to people who just want to sell investment opportunities.

If, like Colin Cowie, you work with brides who would want help strengthening their spiritual connections with themselves and  their grooms, you’ll also want to seek someone you can refer who can help them with these concerns.

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    It may be a good idea. Those are the businesses that take up the slots in the bridal shows and on the wedding websites. Everyone is trying to be in the wedding industry!

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