Wedding Planners – 5 Steps to Positioning Yourself as an Expert Wedding Planner


Wedding Planners Need to Position Themselves as Experts to Attract the Brides They Want

Are you having trouble getting brides to notice you? In order to stand out among wedding planners, you need brides to see you as the go-to wedding planning expert and the obvious choice to meet their needs.

Here are 5 steps to take to position yourself as an expert wedding planner:

1) Have a niche

Don’t try to appeal to every bride and offer, for example; budget, eco-friendly, off-beat, and high-end weddings. Choose one area of expertise. A bride wants a planner who knows how to help brides who’ve had weddings similar to the one she wants.

2) Explain why you’re the expert

Tell brides how your background, knowledge, skills , experience, education and/or previous career makes you the one best suited to plan their weddings.

3) Share testimonials

It always helps when potential clients can read what your previous clients have said about your work. Don’t be shy about asking brides you’ve helped to write testimonials about their experiences with you.

4) Don’t give all of your expertise away

It’s fine if you want to offer a free 20-minute consultation to a bride to learn more about her and see if she would be a good client, but don’t give away wedding planning advice in hour-long free consultations. These won’t get brides to hire you and they could cause you to be seen as desperate. Experts aren’t desperate.

5) Be confident

I’ve spoken to many wedding planners who have knowledge, skills and years of experience but are afraid to tell brides. If you have the ability to help brides have the weddings they want, don’t be afraid to tell them why YOU are the expert they need.

A big bonus of being seen as an expert, you’ll also be able to charge higher fees for your wedding planning services.

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