Wedding Planners – 5 Ways To Stop Worrying About The Weddings You’re Planning


As a wedding planner you’re detail oriented, organized, energetic, a perfectionist and, most likely, a worrier. You have nightmares about forgetting something important, you’re afraid the vendors won’t do what they said they would, you fear you don’t have time to get everything done, and on and on…


Worrying is a waste of both time and energy, and will make you too exhausted to do your best work.

Here are 5 tips that will help you stop worrying and get you back on track:

1) Write down the things that worry you

Every time a thought occurs that causes you to worry, write it down or speak it into the voice recorder in your phone. This is a way of keeping track of the things that are nagging at you.

2) Review your list and make plans

Schedule time on your calendar to handle the details or, if you don’t have the time, delegate them to your assistant. (If you don’t have an assistant, this list of items might convince you that you need to hire a qualified person to help you accomplish your tasks successfully.)

3) Take immediate action

Don’t calendar items then procrastinate! If you don’t handle them right away, they will comeback to haunt you later.

4) Check in with vendors

Don’t be afraid to review anything that concerns you or the bride. And don’t forget to exchange “day of” contact information so you know how to reach them, and they you, if any plans change at the last minute.

5) Review your past successes

You are planning weddings for a living because you know how to do it well. Be confident that with your experience and knowledge you have taken care of the pressing details and you are prepared for the unexpected things that might occur.

And remember, the bride hired you to take away her stress and worries so unless something needs her attention, or you need her to make a decision, don’t share your worries, just handle them yourself.

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