Wedding Planners – 5 Ways To Trim Wedding Decor Costs


Save on Wedding Decor with Candles and Mirrored Tabletops

Whether you’re helping your bride plan decor for an intimate wedding with 20 guests or an over-the-top wedding for over 200, you will still need to stay on budget and help your bride get the most for her money.

The September/October issue of Special Events magazine features an article in which they spoke to top event planners and designers to get their thoughts how to get high-style decor and still stick to a budget.

Here are 5 of their tips that you can use if you are helping a bride design her wedding:

1) Use large, dramatic, floral arrangements only where they will be most visible

Splurge on arrangements for the entrance, stage, bar, and food stations which are the places where guests will notice them the most. Smaller arrangements can be used elsewhere.

2) Incorporate decor elements

Candles, lamps, mirrored tabletops, or props that carry out a theme can be interesting, eco-friendly, and less expensive than flowers. And, don’t be afraid to use good faux flowers with real ones to save money.

3) Let lighting be decor

Proper lighting can change the look and feel of any space. Talk to a lighting designer about lighting tabletops and centerpieces to add glow to a room or using different colors to create mood and enhance the wedding theme. You can also rent chandeliers to add elegance to a plain indoor or outdoor space.

4) Save by using simple satin as the base linen

Splurge on overlays that add interest and glamor such as those with textured weaves, embroidered flowers, or metallic sequins.

5) Mix chair styles, chair jackets and pads

This is a way to give the room an expensive “designer” look at a relatively low price.

You can get more tips from Special Events magazine on their website.

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