Wedding Planners – 6 Benefits of “Day of” Wedding Coordination Services That You Can Market To Brides


Wedding Planners Can Market These "Day of" Wedding Planner Benefits to Brides

More and more DIY brides are beginning to consider hiring wedding planners on the “day of” their weddings to relieve the stress of handling everything themselves.

The March/April 2013 issue of Bridal Guide magazine has an interview with top event designer, Wayne Gurnick, in which he discusses the duties and benefits to a bride of hiring a “day of” coordinator.

Based on the article, I put together this list of 6 benefits that you can use to market these services to your brides:

1) She doesn’t have to make her own timeline

As a wedding planner, you can create her timeline for her and distribute it to her vendors.

2) She doesn’t have to deal with managing unfocused members of the wedding party during rehearsal

It’s often easier for a wedding professional to ask wedding party members to stay focused at a rehearsal than it is for a bride or groom to try to handle it themselves.

3) She doesn’t have to worry about how the setup of the ceremony and reception are progressing while she is getting dressed

You will work with all vendors before and during the wedding to assure they are following their contracts and doing what she wanted.

4) She doesn’t need to be concerned about any wedding day snafus

You and your team will be there to solve problems, run last minute errands, and handle any surprises that come up during the day.

5) She doesn’t need to worry about what happens after she leaves with her groom

You will be the last person to leave after checking all of the rooms and collecting personal items and gifts. Then you’ll make sure the items go home with the person she designated.

6) She can relax and enjoy being the center of attention

The biggest benefit to the bride is that she can relax and enjoy her day. She will no longer be the “go to” person for all the wedding details, that will be you.

The article states that “day of” coordination costs between $800 and $2600 based on the region, experience of the planner, and the amount of coordination needed.

Don’t just quote a price off the top of your head when asked. Review what you need to do and how many team members you will need to help you. Then write a contract that clearly states the duties you will perform for your rate.

If you want tips about offering “day of” services, read my blog post 6 Things to Know Before You Offer ‘Day of’ Wedding Coordination.

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