Wedding Planners – 6 Ways Top Wedding Planners Prove They Are Worth What They Charge


How Top Wedding Planners Charge What They Are Worth

As a new wedding planner, are you struggling with figuring out how to prove your worth?

Special Events magazine recently printed an article of interviews with top wedding planners and asked them how they showed potential clients they are worth what they charge. While you may not yet have the expertise and experience to charge top dollar like they do, their answers will tell you what you need to do to position yourself to make the money you want in the future.

Here are 6 ways top planners show clients they are worth what they charge:

1) Their social media sites have images that reflect the type of events they plan. For example, they only pin images of high-end events on Pinterest, they don’t feature any DIY photos because they don’t want DIY brides.

2) When speaking with potential clients, they discuss the value of their services in terms of peace-of-mind to stressed couples and in terms of value for dollars spent if couples are practical and more focused on getting the most for their money.

3) Their websites list their qualifications, feature their portfolios, and show testimonials from happy clients.

4) They have excellent recommendations and referrals from vendors and former clients.

5) They are able to share the number of hours each task they do takes, for example, X number of hours running errands, X number of hours running the rehearsal, X number of hours on-site. (This means keeping track of the hours you and your team work.)

6) They exhibit a high level of confidence. Potential clients can tell from their personalities and attitudes that they are worth what they charge.

You can learn more about how these wedding planners run their businesses in an excerpt of the article on the Special Events website.

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