Wedding Planners – 7 Rules for a Successful Wedding Planning Business


7 Rules for Becoming a Top Wedding Planner

I’ve worked with many new wedding planners in the past years and I’ve found that the ones who become successful act differently than those who don’t.

Based on the work I’ve done with successful new planners, I’ve put together these 7 rules that can help you become successful too:

1) Act as if you are a professional right now

From the moment you decide to become a professional wedding planner, you should act like one. This means treating treat people respectfully, being on time to business and social events, having a great attitude towards your future clients and business partners, and being willing to work hard.

2) Get out and meet people

Many new wedding planners think having an online presence is all you need to do to attract brides. While being seen online is very important, you also need to get out and be visible. Take classes, start attending services at a place of worship, and join wedding and event planner associations and business and social groups.

3) Study a variety of subjects

Learn all you can about planning weddings and running a business. Study history, art, literature, interior design, architecture and fashion to understand their impact on weddings and décor and help you carry out a variety of themes and styles.

4) Act, or learn to act, confidently

Brides need to be able to trust that you can help them plan the weddings they want and if you don’t display confidence, they will not be able to put their confidence in you.

5) Use time wisely

Successful wedding planners don’t spend a lot of time watching reality shows on television, playing computer games, gossiping on the phone, or posting for hours on social media sites. Work, study, and spend some time relaxing without your electronic gadgets so your mind is free to come up with fresh ideas for planning weddings and marketing your business.

6) Be willing to take on small and large events

When you start out, be willing to take on small weddings and events in order to gain experience and become versatile.

7) Don’t give up

You might not have instant success so be prepared to hang in and keep working and networking. Look at your niche, your marketing messages, and your online and offline visibility efforts, and make some adjustments that will help bring brides to you.

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