Wedding Planners – 7 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Successful Wedding Planning Business


7 Signs that tell you you're ready to start a wedding planning business

If you’re thinking of starting a wedding planning business but not sure if the time is right for you, check yourself against these 7 signs to find out if you are ready:

1) You have planned weddings for others

You can’t start a successful wedding planning business after planning only your own wedding. You need experience planning weddings for other brides and the knowledge and skills it takes to work with wedding vendors to create dream weddings.

2) You know your target brides and the types of services you’re going to offer to them

You need to start your business aimed at attracting a specific niche of brides. Do research, find out what they want and develop the services that will make them want to hire you. If you start your business trying to appeal to all brides, you will fail.

3) You have connections in the wedding industry

You must have a network high-quality vendors to work with you and your brides.

4) You know you will do more than plan weddings

You will be running a business. Also, you will spend a great deal of time attracting new clients so you have to have an understanding of how to market your services online and know where to network offline to find brides, wedding vendors and people who can give you referrals.

5) You have a plan for success

A sure sign that you are ready is that you have a well thought-out plan for what your successful wedding planning business is going to look like and the actions you are going to take to get it there.

6) You understand that the wedding planners depicted in movies are fantasy

In the movies, wedding planners look like they have glamorous jobs planning weddings for very wealthy brides. They don’t show the hard work, long hours and the level of detail a wedding planner really has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

7) You have realistic expectations

Becoming a wedding planner is definitely not a quick way to fame and fortune. The celebrity wedding planners you read about and see on television have been in the business for years and worked hard to gain the reputations and clients that they have, and you will need to do the same.

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