Wedding Planners – 7 Top Trends of This Wedding Season


Wedding Trend - Small Wedding Cakes with Dessert Buffets

Wedding season is starting and some of the top pros in the wedding business recently told Special Events magazine what they see as today’s trends.

Here are their 7 picks along with tips to help you carry them out:

1) Larger weddings

Most brides used to have guest lists of 100 to 150 people but now wedding planners are working with brides who have guest lists of 250 to 300.

Make sure venues that can accommodate large events are in your vendor network.

2) Larger wedding parties

The number of bridesmaids and groomsmen have gone up. Some brides are also including junior bridesmaids and multiple ring bearers and flower girls.

Be prepared to take charge. You will really need to exercise your leadership skills during rehearsal and on the wedding day when organizing large wedding parties.

3) Smaller wedding cakes or no cake at all

Brides are choosing to have small cakes for the cake-cutting photo then having a variety of dessert stations – gelato, pie, cupcake, ice cream, and macaroons – and fun snack stations – pizza, mini hot dogs, gourmet chocolates, cotton candy and flavored popcorn.

This may cut the cost of having a large, multi-tiered cake but be careful your bride doesn’t order too many different desserts or she could be spending more.

4) Lower regret rate

At one time brides could plan for 25% to 30% of invited guests to turn down their invitations. Today, top wedding pros are seeing more guests accept invitations.

Don’t let your bride invite people because she thinks they won’t attend, especially if you are using a small venue, they may surprise her and accept.

5) Restaurant receptions

Couples with small weddings are selecting to hold their receptions in restaurants.

Restaurants are usually cost effective since they don’t charge extra for linens, tableware and waitstaff. However, some do charge for use of a private room if the guest count is not met so make sure your brides read their contracts carefully.

6) No receiving lines

Couples are going from table to table greeting their guests. The receiving line took too much time and often involved too many people.

If your couple goes from table to table, help them manage their time so they make sure they get around to everyone by the end of the night.

7) No guest books

Guest books often got put away, never to be seen after a wedding. Now many couples are supplying cards for guests to write well wishes or they have a photo with a large mat the guests can sign.

There are many other creative options, help your bride find one that will work with her style and the style of her wedding.

What wedding trends have you been seeing this year?

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