Wedding Planners – Are You Sharing Your Political Beliefs Online?


Are you sharing your personal political views on the Internet? I’ve noticed recently that a number of new wedding planners are doing this on Facebook.

Everyone has opinions and beliefs, and if you feel comfortable expressing your feelings publicly on your personal pages, it’s your right, but realize it may have some consequences.

Brides can find your Facebook pages, even your personal ones. If someone does not share your beliefs, there is a chance that they might not want to hire you. This may be fine with you, if your niche only includes brides with your beliefs, and you only want to work for brides with similar beliefs.  However, if you want to include others you might want to re-think posting your opinions.

Also, if you are currently working for another wedding planner or vendor in order to gain the experience you need, you might want to keep your opinions off social media sites. The views you express could impact whether or not their potential clients decide to hire them. You don’t want your views to be an issue that negatively impacts their livelihood.

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6 Responses to “Wedding Planners – Are You Sharing Your Political Beliefs Online?”


    I’ve noticed this too! Also religion on their business pages! I am Christian and love God all day, but I keep my postings to just business on my biz pages and my personal beliefs on my personal page. You can turn away a a good percentage of your market doing this. And I find that planners who do this, don’t know who their target market is! Good post!


    Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for your comment. So glad you know your target market and are open to helping all of the brides who need your help.


    You are very right, though not a planner, as a photographer, I see many professionals get “political” in the public eye. You are guaranteed to lose 50% of your audience. The half that doesn’t agree.


    Thanks for your comment.

    By the way, I took a look at your website and blog – love your photography.


    I totally agree with this. In this current political realm we are in, it is pertinent that we as Wedding Vendors, keep our personal beliefs out of the equation when it comes to business. my business page is just that, business. Even on my personal page, I am very limited in comments that can offend or differ from others.


    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your comment. I agree that a personal page should also have limited comments, we truly don’t want to say anything that would harm or hurt anyone.

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