Wedding Planners – Don't Be Victims of "Best of … Award" Scams


The Plaque Someone Tried to Sell to Me - I Don't Have a Convention & Meeting Facility


I recently received an email telling me my company had been selected “for the 2009 Best of Walnut Creek Award in the Convention & Meeting Facilities”.  The problem, I don’t have a convention and meeting facility.  I also had never heard of their organization.  The email  gave me a link to a press release that I could use to announce my “award” and a link where I could pick up a plaque to post in my business.  Of course, the “Best of . . .” plaque would cost me about $200.  Sounds like a company selling plaques.

Years ago the Better Business Bureau (BBB) called me telling me someone had called with an inquiry about my business.  Of course, they could not tell me who called, when they called, or the nature of their call.  They offered me the “opportunity” to let them protect me by becoming a member.  Remember the BBB is a membership organization.  When you see a BBB plaque in a location, it just means they are paying dues, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are an honest and ethical company.

I share this with you because as a business owner, you be offered many “awards” or “opportunities” that are really might just ways for people to make money from unsuspecting entrepreneurs.  Do some investigation before you make any investment.

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    ATTENTION: Beware of Frauds

    Hi Wedding Planners,

    Please be aware of this type of Scammer.

    I have pasted the link Below along with a mail that was sent to another Wedding Company in Goa, India


    Lester Melo
    Weddings and Dreams – GOA

    On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 1:14 PM, Randy Wrye wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I am looking for an experienced wedding planner who will handle my wedding and arrange the reception dinner for a group of people who will be attending the wedding ceremony. The wedding is expected to hold on the 7th of October 2009 and 40 guests are expected to attend.
    > As I do not know what the guests might choose for their meals and drinks, i will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via credit card once availability is confirmed by you. You are to arrange for a venue for the wedding (its a civil wedding), a place for the reception ,Videography, Music Entertainment,Photography,cake and flowers.
    > If there is any items that is beyond your capability,you let us know so that another company can handle it. Get back to me with your response as we don’t have much time with us so that we can process our accommodation within the region more convenient for you and us.
    > I look forward to your reply
    > Regards,
    > Randy.
    > Email:
    THIS IS A SCAM – please click link

    Details of the Scam Alert are here


    We get similar to this in Ireland, some have even gone a step further and held award ceremonies, often with huge spends. And like that, sometimes hosted or awarded by companies who no-one has heard of.

    It can be an easy trap to fail into if you are not long in the business or don’t have the right contacts! I totally agree with your investigation is key!


    Hi Lester;

    Thank you bringing this to our attention.

    Many wedding planners all over the world have already fallen victim to this scam so please don’t let this happen to you!


    Hi Blaithin,

    Thank you for your input.

    We need to investigate “opportunities” to invest our money. If you have never heard of a company, investigate and do research so you don’t fall victim to scams.


    There are lot of such scams. some of them are asking for money to be deposited , some try to get insight about our customer base etc..

    thanks for the good article. pl update this further..

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