Wedding Planners – DO’s and DON’Ts for Attending a Bridal Show


Tips for Wedding Planners Attending Bridal Shows

“Engagement Season” has started and the first bridal show of this season took place this past weekend in my area. If you are just starting out as a wedding planner, attending a local bridal show will help you meet wedding vendors, learn about the latest wedding trends in your area, find out what interests brides, get a peek at what your competition is doing and maybe even help you decide if you want to exhibit in a show in the future.

Before you head out to the next show, here are some DO’s and DON’Ts you might want to follow to get the most out of your attendance:

DO dress in a professional way. When you introduce yourself to vendors and when you talk to brides, they need to see you in the best light.

DON’T pretend to be a bride to get information from brides, vendors, or your competition.  This is dishonest. Consider what vendors and brides would think it you told them at an event that you were a bride and they later find out you are a wedding planner!

DO gather information on vendors you may want to add to your vendor network.

DON’T monopolize any vendor’s time. They have bought a booth so they can meet brides. When you find a vendor you would like to partner with in the future, get their contact information and tell them you will call later to set up a meeting. Then be sure to do it!

DO look at how exhibitors set up their booths and notice what draws brides into a booth and what makes them just walk by. This will help you plan your booth if you decide to exhibit in the future.

DON’T walk around handing out cards to everyone you meet and essentially try to market your services without buying a booth space. It’s fine to have conversations with brides, let them know you are a wedding planner and give them a business card if they ask, but it is wrong to just walk around trying to get business.

If you have a bride you are working with who might benefit from attending a bridal show with you, offer to meet her at the event and visit booths with her. Plan in advance of the show. Get there early to find services and products that would be of benefit to her so she sees you as the expert who is helping her make the best decisions for her wedding.

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