Wedding Planners – Event Professionals Share 3 Secrets to Success in 2014


Success tips for new wedding planners

What do seasoned wedding and event professionals plan to do in 2014 to increase business and improve their chances for success? Special Event magazine recently published their answers and what they said might give you ideas for improving the success of your own wedding planning business.

Here are 3 of their secrets and how you can follow their advice for your business:

1) Market more aggressively

Many new wedding planners tell me they are active on Facebook and Twitter but seldom market their services anywhere else. If this sounds like you, it’s time to do more, both online and offline. Get more visibility online by sharing wedding planning tips via videos that you post on YouTube, starting a blog and/or publishing a weekly ezine.

Market more offline by being an exhibitor in a bridal fair, holding wedding planning workshops in which you share a few tips and explain the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, and/or joining a new business or social group to meet more brides and referral sources.

2) Form more partnerships with other event professionals

Your vendor network should include wedding and event professionals with different styles who can accommodate a variety of budgets. Make it a point to meet new contacts by attending local chapter meetings of wedding and event planner associations and professional business groups. Also, speak to members of your existing network and see if they can recommend other vendors whom they have worked with successfully who might also work well with you.

3) Focus on more profitable events

If you started your business by doing small neighborhood parties and find that these are the only types of business you’re getting, it may be time to take it up a notch. Take a look at your marketing efforts and make sure the message you are sending is targeted to attract the types of brides and event clients you want. Also, you might need to raise your rates in order to start getting better work and higher-end clients.

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