Wedding Planners – How Do You Look?


As a future wedding planner, you are probably very good at organizing your work. You are able to coordinate and carry out multiple tasks involving different people, schedules and demands. But, how do you look? Is your appearance well thought-out? When you reach in your pocket or purse to get a business card, is it easy to find or do you need to shuffle through ATM slips and receipts to find it? Can you invite a client to ride in your car without having to take 15 minutes to clean it out first?

When we get too caught up in starting and running a business, we often don’t take the time to get ourselves organized. We are using up all of that energy in our work. However, if you appear disorganized or scattered, people will not trust that you can do a good job with their wedding.

There is an interview in the August 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine with Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives. In it she talks about fashion being an art form and she makes the comment, “If you look organized and well presented, people think that you’re organized in your mind and you take pride in yourself.”

As a wedding planner, people’s first impression when they see you should be that you are professional, confident and keep up with fashion trends without being a slave to them (unless your clients are fashion slaves). If you need help organizing a wardrobe that will work for your new business, check your local department stores for in-house personal shoppers who don’t charge an extra fee for helping you with your selections. And, event when you are busy building your business, take a few minutes each day to clean out your pockets or purse and pick up any stray items in your car. You’ll feel more confident when you are always prepared to meet a client.

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