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Wedding Vendors Share Their Secrets and Expert Advice

In the Summer 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, three top wedding vendors share secrets in the areas of invitation etiquette, bartending, and event rentals. If you haven’t yet met experts in these areas to add to your network of vendors, you might want to pay attention to the tips they share.

Here are some of the highlights that will help your brides:

Invitation Etiquette

Save-the-Dates can be creative but be sure they include pertinent details

Include the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, the wedding website URL, and let people know then invitation will follow. (Of course, it goes without saying, your bride should only send save-the-dates to people she knows she is going to invite to her wedding.)

Keep wedding invitations simple

The names of the bride and groom, the names of the hosts, if not the bride and groom, and the date, time and place are all that is needed per Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, Etiquette Advisor. Nothing about where the couple is registered or whether or not children are invited (write the names of the invited guests on the envelope and don’t include the children’s names).

The Bar

No cash bar!

I’ve yet to hear anyone recommend this but brides often ask about having a cash bar. Don’t let them do it! Guests should not have to pay for their drinks. Talmadge Lowe, the Mixologist, suggests carefully choosing cocktails that can fit the budget.

Offer non-alcoholic options

Request the bar service bring syrups and juices so they can mix beverages for those who do not drink alcohol, this is especially important if children are attending. Or, as a fun  alternative, set up a a soda bar.

 Event Rental

Rent more tableware and glasses than you think you’ll need

Per Mark Ermshar, Rental Expert, guests go through a lot of glasses (he recommends two-and-a-half per person and an additional one-and-a-half if your bride is having a cocktail hour). And, you and your bride need to plan extra table settings for people who don’t RSVP but show up anyway.

Have lounge areas

Give guests places to sit where they can mingle and talk to other guests besides their table. (Lounge areas are very popular today and rental companies are beginning to offer different styles of lounge furniture so they can fit with wedding decor, no matter what the theme is).

Pick up a copy of the magazine for more expert tips, you can chose from two different cover colors if you get it at a newsstand.

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