Wedding Planners – Learn the Latest Trends in Tabletop Design


 Wedding Planning - Long tables for receptions

As a wedding planner you may or may not also be the wedding designer, but either way you’ll want to keep up with the latest in event design so you can help your brides with their decisions.

The July/August issue of Special Events Magazine features an article on the trends in tabletop design. Here are 5 of them:

1) Traditional table configurations are OUT

Once wedding receptions rooms were full of 6 foot round tables. Now, long tables are very popular. You might have first seen them at rustic ranch and farmhouse weddings but now you’ll also find them dressed up and elegant in ballrooms settings.

2) Rustic Chic

Combining metallics with pastels colors and combining fabrics like lace and burlap.

3) “The Great Gatsby” Theme

The movie based on the novel didn’t get the best reviews but it drew a lot of interest in the art deco design of the period. Steer clear of this look if the wedding is in the distant future. Unless you bride is in love with the era, she may not want this theme once the movie’s current popularity has worn off.

4) Bright colors

The bright colors of the 1980’s are very popular and designers are creating tabletops using two bright colors together. One of the most popular combinations is orange and teal.

5) Flowerless centerpieces

While we’re still seeing an abundant use of flowers in weddings, not all centerpieces are designed with flowers. Couples are enjoying using props to express their wedding themes or filling tables with arrangements of personal items such as vintage family wedding photos, stacks of their favorite books, or an ice bucket filled with bottles of their favorite wines that guests can enjoy during their reception.

What design trends have you seen?

Please “Leave a Reply” and share a link to your Pinterest board that features the your favorites so we can follow you and follow my Wedding Design Inspiration board to see mine.

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