Wedding Planners – Market With Your Own “10 Fun Things to Do First” List


Wedding Planners - Market With "10 Thngs Brides Should Do First" List

Planning to meet with a newly engaged bride to plan her wedding? One of the first things many new brides do is grab a copy of a bridal magazine to begin their hunt for the perfect dress and to get ideas to start planning their weddings.

The Winter 2013 issue of Brides magazine (US version) has an article on the top “10 fun things” a newly engaged bride needs to do first. Luckily, number 7 is “Hire a Pro.” The article suggests booking a wedding planner before selecting a venue because, as a wedding planner, you have many venue ideas that might actually fit a bride’s wedding vision better than one she selects. (This is why you have connections with a variety of venues.)

3 other things the magazine suggests a bride do first:

1) Start forming the vision for the wedding

The bride should talk with her groom about what they want their wedding to look like and start an inspiration board on Pinterest.

2) Determine a wedding date

Once they have their wedding vision, they can start to set their wedding date. For example, if their vision is for an outdoor garden or beach wedding, they will need to wed in the warmer months.

3) Put together a rough guest list and budget

Without this information, a couple cannot begin to select their venue and vendors.

Since “10 Fun Things to Do First” is a cover story on one of the top bridal magazines, you know it is a topic of great interest to brides, so create your own list of the 10 things you would recommend brides in your niche do first.

Post the list on your blog and/or turn it into an attractive marketing piece and hand copies out when you exhibit in a bridal show.

Brides love lists and your recommendations may help them notice how well you understand their needs and encourage them to contact you for your wedding planning services.

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