Wedding Planners – Market Your Golden Benefits To Brides


Wedding Planners - Market Benefits That Help Brides Have Fabulous Weddings

The May/June 2013 issue of Bridal Guide magazine tells brides the “Golden Rules” of wedding planning, all the important details they need to handle and the things they need to avoid to have a perfect wedding. The list may seem overwhelming to a new bride so as a wedding planner, you can market yourself as someone who can easily help a bride take care of these details so she can have a fabulous wedding day without stress.

Here are 5 of the “Golden Rules” along with marketing tips for you:

Golden Rule #1 – Don’t have a cash bar

Many brides think this is the only option for them when they can’t afford an open bar, but as a wedding planner you know this is not the case.

Marketing Tip – In your marketing, send the message that you know the importance of managing the costs of catering and can help a bride negotiate good prices and find alternatives that will keep her costs low, but still make sure her guests are happy.

Golden Rule #2 – Don’t make guests wait for hours between the ceremony and the reception

A bride often won’t realize what guests would need to go through when the ceremony and reception are not located close together or are scheduled hours apart.

Marketing Tip – Tell the bride she will benefit from your knowledge and connections because you can find unique venues that suit her style and are convenient for the wedding party and her guests. You will make a detailed timeline for the wedding party and the vendors to follow on the wedding day to make sure everything flows smoothly for her so she doesn’t have to worry.

Golden Rule #3 – Stick to the budget

A bride can easily get carried away and start to think she needs everything she has seen at a friend’s wedding, in a magazine, or on Pinterest.

Marketing Tip – Market your ability to help create and keep her wedding budget. You can help her track expenses and share the information with her so she knows where she stands at all times, without the hassle of trying to keep up with everything herself.

Golden Rule #4 – Get the groom involved

A bride may have been dreaming and planning her wedding since childhood, while a groom might not know how he can fit in.

Marketing Tip -Talk about how you can help the bride include her fiance in the wedding plans so a wedding reflects both of their personalities.

Golden Rule #5 - Practice self-care

A bride can get so wrapped up in trying to make her wedding perfect that she forgets to enjoy her engagement.

Marketing Tip – The time before a wedding can be stressful and emotional, even in the best circumstances. Let a bride know that you can give her “time off” by handling the details of the planning for her.

Read more Golden Rules of wedding planning in the magazine. Remember you can help brides follow the rules and have fabulous weddings – you just need to get out and market your services so they know what you can do for them.

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