Wedding Planners – Promote Your Business With Every Email You Send


Market your wedding planning business - set a personal email signature on your mobile device

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Here’s a quick, easy-to-follow tip to help you promote your wedding planning business.


As a wedding planner, you’re always on the run and, more often than not, you’re sending emails from a mobile device, your smartphone or tablet. When you do this, don’t use your device’s default signature that promotes the type of phone or tablet you have, for example, “Sent from my _____.” Instead, take the time to create an email signature that has a link to your website, blog, Facebook Page or Twitter account where brides and others can connect with you. (My signature asks the reader to join me here on my blog and has a link to this site.)

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll find instructions on how to change your email signature on If you have another type of device, do an Internet search on “change email signature” and the name of your smartphone or tablet and you’ll find links to many articles and videos with instructions.

Never miss an opportunity to promote your business and tell brides where to find out more about you!

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