Wedding Planners – Pros and Cons of Posting Your Prices on Your Website


Wedding Planner Marketing with Websites

As a new wedding planner, you might be wondering if you should post your prices on your website. Brides do a lot of research online before hiring any wedding vendors and they like to see how much people charge. However, if you’re not quite sure it’s something you want to do, here are some pros and cons to consider:


1) You can clearly establish your position

By revealing your price brides can easily see whether you’re a wedding planner for small budget brides or brides who can afford a higher-priced wedding and wedding planner.

2) You can show brides you have nothing to hide

Brides will appreciate the fact that you make it easy for them to know what you charge. They’ll feel they can trust you since you were upfront with them (and brides hire people they can trust).

3) Brides will self-qualify

If a bride sees that you charge more than she can afford, she won’t contact you. This saves you the time and energy involved in talking with brides who don’t have the budget to hire you.


1) Brides you might be able to work with may not contact you.

Some brides may look at the prices on your website and instantly decide not to contact you if your prices aren’t within their budget. You won’t get an opportunity to connect with them personally and explain the value of your services.

2) Brides might not realize you offer customized services

When prices are posted, they might think your services and prices aren’t customizable. (If you still want to show your  rates, post a price range or state that prices “start at …” and ask them to contact you for information on custom services and packages and pricing.)

3) Competitors can see your prices

Competitors who really want to know how much you charge will always be able to find out your rates but this will make it easy for them to know what you charge and price themselves accordingly.

If you’re still not sure whether or not posting prices is a good idea, remember that posting on a website is not permanent. You can give it a try for a month or two and continue it only if it helps you attract the type of brides you want.

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