Wedding Planners – Stop Sending Emails with Blank Subject Lines


Wedding Planners - Put Subject Lines in Emails to Get Brides to Open Them

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Here’s a quick, easy-to-follow tip to help you improve your communications with brides and help them see you as a polished professional.


I’ve noticed that wedding planners often send emails with nothing in the subject line. Hopefully, you aren’t someone who does this.

Brides, and, in fact, all of the people you email, look at the subject line to get an idea as to whether or not the message is worth reading. When the subject line is blank, they may just delete it without reading it, especially if they don’t recognize your name.  Or, their spam filter may believe it’s spam and automatically send it to their spam folder. This may be the reason you haven’t heard back from some of the brides you’ve tried to reach.

Always take the time to fill in the subject line of your emails with a brief description of the content of your message. For example, if you’re sending a response to a bride’s question, include a reference to it in the subject line. This will help her quickly identify it as the information she had requested. Or, if you’re following up after meeting her at a bridal show, mention the event.

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