Wedding Planners – Stop Trying to Be Perfect, Start Getting Brides


Wedding Planners - Don't Be Afraid Of Not Being Perfect

As someone who wants to be a wedding planner, you’re probably a person who naturally strives to be perfect in everything you do. So now that you are starting your business, you want to launch your business when everything is in perfect order.

Unfortunately, as you are striving to be perfect, time is passing and many of the brides you could be helping, who would have hired you, are finding others to help them.

It’s important to understand that your quest to be perfect at everything before you start your business may stop you from being successful. I’m not suggesting you start your business without any skills, experience, or business planning. What I am saying is that after you have accomplished these things, don’t wait until you think you are perfect, and all the circumstances surrounding you are perfect, before you move forward with your business.

Don’t make these 3 mistakes that many new “perfectionist” wedding planners make:

Mistake #1 – They look for the perfect niche

It’s important to find a target market of brides who will value you and pay for your services. But, too often I’ve seen new wedding planners spend months agonizing over the right one to choose. Do you research, pick a niche, and market to them. If you discover you picked the wrong niche for you, you can switch. Don’t waste a lot of time just thinking about what might or might not work, take action.

Mistake #2 – They look for the perfect method of marketing to brides

I’m frequently asked to give specific information about where to advertise and market wedding planning services. The reality is there is no one sure-fire perfect method to advertise and market yourself, but there are many that could work for you. Think about where your target brides might look for vendors then test some paid and free methods. Use them for a few months and see if they bring you the results you want. If they don’t, move on, you won’t find what works for you unless you do some testing.

Mistake #3 – They don’t go out to meet brides

Many new wedding planners are afraid to go out and meet brides face-to-face because they’re afraid of saying the wrong things and looking bad. No one expects you to speak like a celebrity wedding planner. You want to speak and act professionally but you also want to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to share your passion for weddings and your desire to help brides have the weddings they want. You’ll develop more skills talking to brides as you gain more experience.

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