Wedding Planners – Tell Brides the 3 Ways They Benefit From Your Small Wedding Planning Business


Tell Brides the Benefits of Using a New Wedding Planner

As a new wedding planner with a new, small business, you may be tempted to “mimic” wedding planners with large, well-established wedding planning businesses. You may want to offer the same services and market them in the same way in order to get brides to hire you, instead of them. But, when you offer similar wedding planning services and you don’t have the same experience and long-standing reputation that others do, you won’t compare favorably.

What you need to do is get brides focused on the benefits of working with you.

Here are 3 benefits you can offer:

1) Easy access

While you may have assistants helping you, you are still the one that will be the point of contact with a bride. You can be one phone call away so she will be able to talk to you directly when she needs help.

2) Individual attention

Brides don’t like to be neglected or treated as if they are ” just another bride.” You can give brides and their weddings more attention when you are still a small wedding planning company.

3) Customized services

You can work on more than one wedding at a time, but let a bride know that you don’t plan so many that you lose sight of what she wants. Many times a large wedding planning business is working with so many brides that their weddings can start to look very similar instead of customized.

Also, as a new planner, you may have more creative and fresh ideas in introduce to your brides than someone who has been in the business a long time.

Of course, be sure you have a strong vendor network and assistants (even if they’re temporary help) to do some behind-the-scenes support work while you are busy with your brides.

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