Wedding Planners – Tips for Designing a Website That Attracts More Brides


Wedding Planners - How Your Website Can Attarct More Brides

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Here’s some quick and easy advice that can help you get more weddings.


Today I’m asking a few questions that will lead you to make the changes needed to get your website to stand out and attract more brides.

First, before the questions, I must say that you need to have a photographer take a professional photo of you to use on your website, blog and all of your social networking sites. I’m surprised by the number of wedding planners who don’t show brides what they look like. Let brides see your face so they can start feeling like they know you.

Next, read the copy on your website. Does it not only say what you do but also express your personality and style? Does it differentiate you from other wedding planners? Does it explain the benefits of hiring you? Would a bride reading your site feel confident that you are knowledgeable, organized, creative and able to handle emergencies? Do you ask a bride to contact you for more information? Do you sound so approachable and easy to work with that she wants to pick up the phone and ask to meet with you?

Then, look at your site. Does the style reflect you and the style of weddings that you plan or want to plan? Does it have photographs from weddings you have planned? Is it free of flash images and montages that make it load slowly and may not even appear if brides go to your site from a mobile device?

A good website is not the most beautiful one, it’s the one that gets brides to call you. Take some time to review your site and get it to work for you.

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