Wedding Planners – Wedding Wednesday Tip – Don’t Try Doing It All Yourself!


Wedding Planners - Why You Need an Assistant on a Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Here’s an easy-to-follow tip to help you improve your wedding planning business.


Are you a new wedding planner who is busy planning your first weddings?

Don’t try to manage weddings by yourself!

I frequently receive from new planners who think they can handle “day of” wedding coordination on their own and most have had disastrous results. They’ve had difficulty coordinating vendors, keeping the wedding party focused, and handling emergencies. As a result, a few ended up giving refunds and some have received negative comments on Facebook.

So be prepared. Plan on hiring at least one assistant, even for a small wedding, to help you with the onsite coordination (you can incorporate their pay into your fees).

And when you hire assistants, make sure they are skilled in the areas in which you need help. This means you can’t hire a best friend or family member just because you like them and they need some work. You need to find people who have the knowledge and skills you need, understand the hard work involved, can take direction, and are customer focused.

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