Wedding Planners – Wedding Wednesday Tip – How to Improve Your Business This Summer


Use this tips to improve a wedding planning business during the Summer

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Here’s an easy-to-follow tip to help you have a successful wedding planning business.


Last week I offered a tip to wedding planners who had busy Summer schedules that you can read here. But if you’re a new wedding planner, or one who isn’t busy, my tip today is for you. Get out of your office, make new contacts to increase your business and learn new things that will give you ideas for your future weddings.

Here are 5 suggestions for what to do this Summer:

1) Familiarize yourself with some different venues. Make appointments, during their quiet times, to meet with the people who handle weddings and events at these sites.

2) Check out different restaurants. Try foods you haven’t tasted before so you can be savvy about the options that are available for brides.

3) Find a local bridal fair, many are held during the summer months. If you’re not exhibiting, attend one and decide if this show is something you’d like to participate in at some time in the future. Also, gather information on vendors who would be good partners for you and contact them after the show.

4) Make the most of any vacation travel you take and gather ideas for themes, decor, music and wedding or honeymoon destinations that you can share with your brides.

5) Accept invitations for social events. You just might meet your next bride or someone who will be a great source of referrals for you at your neighbor’s backyard barbeque party!

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