Wedding Planners – Wedding Wednesday Tip – Protect Your Business and Your Personal Assets


Wedding Planners need to protect their business and personal and business assets

As a new wedding planner, you need to buy insurance to protect your business. Too many wedding planners get into trouble because they either don’t think they need insurance, or they forget to buy it.

General liability insurance protects you when someone claims personal injury and property damages. For instance, if a guest trips and falls while you are managing an event onsite, they might sue you for medical expenses and your insurance can protect you.

Professional liability insurance, which you might hear people refer to as “e and o” or “errors and omissions” insurance, covers contract disputes. This insurance can protect you if, for example, a bride sues you because you forgot to order a service she wanted for her wedding.

Talk to an insurance agent or broker about the types of liability insurance you need for your business. If you’re a member of a wedding and event planner association, see if there are vendor members who are insurance representatives. They’re familiar with the services planners offer and can help you.

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