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How  Wedding Planners Can Attract Bridess With Their Websites

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Here’s an easy-to-follow tip that will help you make your website more attractive to brides.


One of the first things a new wedding planner usually asks me to do when I mentor them is help them with their website. What I often see are sites that are hard to navigate, difficult to read and confusing. All reasons that would lead a bride to leave a site before she gets to know the wedding planner.

Here are 3 things to do to make sure brides take the time to read your website:

1) Remove gimmicks and unnecessary extras

Scrolling navigation tabs, photos that fade in and out, music and site visitor counters are all distracting and unnecessary. A bride is very likely looking at your site from a smartphone, tablet or her computer at work so make sure it has a clean, professional look that she can easily and quickly navigate.

2) Use easy-to-read fonts

I understand the desire to use beautiful fonts and stylish colors, similar to those you might find on an elegant wedding invitation, unfortunately, these are very difficult to read online.

Stick to basic Internet-friendly fonts, like Verdana, Tahoma, Georgia, Arial or Helvetica, in dark colors with a light background. (Light colored fonts on a dark background are difficult to read.)

3) Focus on your wedding planning services

Skip the descriptions and photographs of every single type of party and event that you know how to plan. And don’t talk about other businesses you might do, like sell makeup or jewelry, on this site.

A bride is looking for an expert in weddings. Show her you are that expert by featuring only professional, high-quality photographs of weddings you have planned and by talking about the benefits of your wedding planning services.

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