Wedding Planners – What Is Keeping Your Brides Awake At Night?


Wedding Planners - Learn What Keeps Your Brides Awake At Night

Do you know what your brides are worried about when they lie in bed at night?

Success magazine suggests we need to envision ourselves lying in bed with our potential clients to understand the challenges they are facing. Knowing and understanding their challenges will help us market effectively to them and teach us what services to offer to help them.

The article lists questions to ask ourselves that would help us uncover a potential client’s needs. I have customized these questions to help you, as wedding planners, understand your brides.

So, imagine being able to hear the thoughts of your brides when they lie in bed at night, then answer these 5 questions:

1) What are their biggest worries about their wedding day?

For example: Are they worried about divorced parents who are feuding? Is it that they won’t get everything done in time? Or, are they worried their grooms wont’ like the decisions they are making about their wedding?

2) Where do they think they need the most help?

For example: The wedding budget? Trimming the guest list? Finding the right photographer they can work with? Getting the wedding party focused on the big day?

3) What don’t they want to face?

For example: Are their wedding dreams too big for their budget? Have they not yet done the planning they needed to do up to this point in time?

4) Who do they want to impress?

For example: Is it important that their wedding be better then their sister’s? Do they need to prove to their parents that they can have a tasteful wedding, even if it isn’t traditional?

5) What do they hope to feel at they end of their wedding day?

Besides, of course, feeling happy that they are married, do they want to look back and be glad they threw a great party? Do they want to be proud that had the most elegant wedding anyone had ever seen? Or are they very close to family and friends and are happy because the most important people in their lives were present to help them celebrate.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll find yourself thinking about what your brides want instead of what you want to offer to them. Then you’ll create the services that fulfill those desires and you will be able to be more effective in expressing the value of your services to your potential clients.


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