Wedding Planners – When Your Marketing Succeeds, Will You Be Ready?


Wedding Planners Should Be Prepared To Follow Up On Their Marketing

If you’re like most wedding planners, right now you’re putting your plans in place for marketing to all the couples who will get engaged during this “engagement season.” You may be placing ads on wedding websites, posting more frequently on social media sites and maybe even planning to exhibit in a bridal fair.

But, are you prepared for your marketing to be successful? Are you ready to “wow” the brides who contact you and want to know more after seeing your marketing efforts?

Here are 4 things to do to prepare for the brides who will contact you:

1) Make sure your website is up-to-date and fully functioning

If you have posted your links to your website on wedding websites and on all of your social media sites, just like you should, brides will click through to read more about you and your services. Make sure when they get to your site that you have current information about the benefits of the services you offer, have posted excerpts or video clips of testimonials from satisfied brides, and have photos of weddings you have planned. Also, be sure you hide web pages that are incomplete. Pages that say “coming soon” make it appear that you are not ready to do business.

2) Check in with your vendor network

If some time has passed since you have met with or used the vendors in your network, check in with them to see if they have made any changes and if they have any new services you might want to suggest to brides.

3) Clear your schedule

Whether you talk to brides over the phone, via email or at a bridal show, you’ll want to set up appointments to meet with them in person. An in-person meeting gives you both an opportunity to get to know each other better and helps the bride feel comfortable enough with you to hire you.

4) Create a follow up plan

Some brides will not hire you after just one conversation or meeting, so create a plan to stay in touch with them. Be prepared to send a steady stream of emails or postcards to remind them of the benefits of hiring you.

Be proud that you have successfully captured the attention of the brides you want, now do the work you need to do to get those signed contracts!

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