Wedding Planning Business – Be on Time!


As a wedding planner, you should always be on time to meetings and events, especially when they involve clients. Since you are expected to keep a timeline and facilitate a wedding, prospects and clients will consider you unreliable and professional if you don’t show up on time every time you meet. Of course, delays do happen, so make sure you carry contact information for your client and of the place you are scheduled to meet and let them know you are running late. Be realistic when you tell them how late, don’t say “5 minutes” when you know it will be 15.

My local newspaper, The Contra Costa Times had an article on punctuality today and it gave 3 suggestions for avoiding being late:

  • Pad extra time into your schedule. If you know it will take 20 minutes, give yourself 25.
  • Plan to arrive five minutes early, not the moment the meeting or dinner begins
  • Listen to traffic, metro and bus reports before leaving the house. Know good alternate routes.

To read the entire article, go to

If you are someone who always arrives very early, use the time to review any notes or ideas you have for the meeting then relax and know that you’ve scored some points with your client just by being on time.

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