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I frequently get calls and e-mails from people interested in becoming my intern or assistant in order to gain experience in event planning. Some of them are students, looking for experience and part time work, others are experienced in other careers and are looking for a change.

I haven’t taken on any interns and the assistants I have are experienced in the tasks that I hire them to do. Many wedding and event planners I know do the same. In fact one wedding planner said she didn’t want to hire and train anyone who was planning to be her competitor in the future. She hires young moms to assist her with her business whenever she needs extra help.

So how do you get enough experience to be a planner and start your own business? Here are some suggestions:

  • There are wedding planners who offer intern programs in which you pay to work for them so you can learn the business. These are usually done by some excellent planners. Wedding and bridal consultants associations may be able to give you names of planners with these programs.
  • The experience you would get working with good caterers who handle large events would be a valuable asset. You would be able to learn about food, presentation, working with customers, etc. All things you need to know to be a successful event planner. Who knows, you may decide to be an event planner who also caters. Check you local Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau and caterers association for names of caterers. Be prepared to start at the bottom if you don’t have any experience in the food industry.
  • Preston Bailey, a famous event designer who has done parties for Oprah and designed Donald Trump’s wedding, started as a florist. This is another area where you can learn a great deal about preparing for weddings and maybe develop a specialization for your business.
  • Working in bridal shops will teach you about customer service and working with brides.

While you are getting experience to be a great wedding planner, don’t forget to also take the time to learn about running your own business. There are usually adult education classes, community college classes or seminars at Small Business Administration offices at you can take for a very small investment.

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