Wedding Planning Business – Music-Free Websites Please


I was just surfing the Internet for some information on bridal events and came across a wedding planning company website that had music blaring out as soon as I opened their home page. I couldn’t find the “Pause” button fast enough.

Years ago it was new and exciting to hear music as soon has you opened a page. The wedding industry jumped on the bandwagon and music could be heard on sites for wedding planners, photographer, caterers, etc. Then a survey was taken that revealed newly engaged women were surfing the web while at work. This meant that any websites playing music were closed immediately because they didn’t want their co-workers or boss to know what they were doing. Once they left the site, they did not return.

When you put up a website for your business, don’t have it play music or have anyone speaking on it as soon as someone opens a page. If you have audio, let people decide whether or not they want to hear it by putting up “Play”, “Stop” and “Pause” buttons, people will stay on your site longer and take the time to find out more about you.

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