Wedding Planning Business – Networking for Leads


People often talk about the need to network to get leads for your business. I would agree that it is very important. But network in groups of people who are in your target market or who have contact with your target market, not in necessarily in formal business networking groups.

Years ago I joined and attended almost every business networking group that I heard about. That included chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, breakfast and lunchtime networking groups, you name it, I attended, became and member and often held a leadership role in the group. Did it work? I got a few very good referrals from them, very few. Mostly it took up a lot of my time, it was like having a second business. When people found out I was an event planner I was bombarded with requests to plan the parties, festivals, luncheons for the groups for free since I was one who knew how to do it. After awhile, I was all out of free.

Network in places where you can get to know people without the need to give or get business on every contact. Find associations and groups that have people in businesses related to the wedding industry. Let them get to know you as you learn more about their businesses and decide who would be good to use and refer to others. Attend social events and talk about what you do but don’t be too pushy, no one wants a business card they didn’t request shoved into their hands.

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