Wedding Planning Business – Partnerships


Will your wedding planning business be a partnership? I discussed partnerships in my blog post on May 17, 2008. The September/October 2008 issue of Pink magazine has an article, “Partners & Pitfalls”, about selecting the right partner for your business. Some important qualities in a partner are trust, respect, ability to communicate and a compatible level of dedication to the business. The partners interviewed emphasized the need for a legal agreement to clarify roles and responsibilities and to outline the plan for dissolving the company when the time comes.

If you find someone you can trust, whose strengths make up for you weaknesses and who has a similar work ethic, your wedding planning business can really take off. But proceed with caution, work through all concerns and make sure your agreements are well documented. A legal agreement is necessary even if you are partnering with a best friend or family member, business and relationships do not always mix well.

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