Wedding Planning Business – Pick a Niche


I’ve attended a number of marketing seminars, something you might want to do if you are serious about having a successful wedding planning business. One bit of advice that comes up at all of them is the importance of having a niche. As one marketing guru says, “get rich in a niche”.

Wedding planning is already a niche within the event planning industry but you can get even more specialized. I mentioned the other day that those of you who have an interest in the environement might specialize in green weddings. Other ideas for niches; small weddings, theme weddings, weddings at wineries, destination weddings or maybe your unique service is planning fabulous weddings in less than 6 months.

Do some research, find out what brides in your area want, figure out a way to offer it to them and “get rich in your niche”.

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    Niche .. everywhere. Always a niche

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