Wedding Planning Business – Should your cell phone be your business phone?


I’ll say first off, I prefer a business have a land line with a corded phone and voice mail. It has the most professional sound and image. For the most part, the phone will not have a lot of static and the call will not be dropped.

However, I know many wedding planners work out of their homes and aren’t able to add another phone line in their house. So if you must use your cell phone as your main phone line here are some tips to sound as professional as possible:

-Always answer your phone in a professional manner

-Answer only if you know you will be able to hear and speak clearly

-Wear an earpiece when you drive and pull over if you need to take notes

-Be sure your voice mail message is professional and states the name of your company

-When returning a call, do it from a land line, if possible

-Keep the call private by not answering in a public place

If you are looking for alternatives to a cell phone, check out a live answering service or a voice mail system that can grow with your business.

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