Wedding Planning Business – Start a Clippings File


A while ago, I blogged about getting tips from reading magazines. One thing I do while reading is tear out articles with ideas and photos that I think will be useful to me in the future. I buy magazines such as People, US Weekly or OK Magazine when they feature details of celebrity weddings and keep the articles for future reference. I save photos of parties featured in fashion, food and home decor magazines for ideas on invitations, food, décor, colors and floral design. These articles are organized into files and put in filing cabinets. You might start by organizing your information in binders or scrapbooks.

A friend once asked me, “Do you really ever look at those clippings again?” YES! I get ideas from them all of the time. Also, clients sometime have a vague idea about a floral arrangement or cake that they want and I’ve been able bring out photos from my files. Suddenly we have images we can bring to a vendor for reference!

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