Wedding Planning Business – Value Yourself


Have you seen the movie “27 Dresses”? It’s a fun romantic comedy about a girl who has always been the bridesmaid, not the bride. She loves to take care of everyone and gives up much of her life to helping others. Event planners are people who like to take care of everyone, that is part of why they are good at what they do. There is nothing wrong with taking good care of your clients but make sure you are also respecting your time and expertise.

At one time I used to get calls from people who asked for proposals over the phone. I went ahead and did them even though they had never made any commitment to me. Very few of these people ever used my services, I didn’t value my time and expertise so neither did they. I needed to respect myself and value what I had to offer.

I no longer give out a lot of information until someone is willing to spend time discussing their event and I have a commitment that they are going to use my services. Could I be losing some clients this way? Maybe, but frankly I don’t want clients who don’t respect me.

Remember you are a professional, value and respect your time and expertise and people will treat you accordingly.

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