Wedding Planning Business – Watch the Budget


Couples come to you with a budget amount and ideas for a wedding beyond that budget. You will, of course, use your creativity and expertise to come up with options that fit within their budget. But sometimes the couple will select a different linen, flower, or filling on their cake and not realize the impact it would have on the cost.

Their vendors have had the couple sign contacts stating changes may increase costs but in the excitement and stress, they probably will not remember that detail. They may later point the finger at you for not keeping them informed of rising costs.

How to protect yourself and your business? Get everything in writing, even if the vendor involved does not. When a change is made in a meeting, have the vendor tell your clients the financial impact, make sure they understand, write it down and have them initial it. You can create a special form just to keep track of changes and give a copy to your clients so they know exactly how they are spending their money.

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