Wedding Planning – Steer Clear of Melting Wedding Favors


Last weekend I attended at an outdoor charity event. It was probably about 100 degrees out, hot for May in Northern California. I purchased raffle tickets and ended up winning a prize, a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear and a box of chocolates. Needless to say, after sitting on display all day in the hot sun, the candy had melted and was a gooey mess at the bottom of the box.

Why am I telling this story? Because brides like to give small boxes of gourmet chocolates or customized candy as favors. Favors often sit out at tables for hours during a wedding and aren’t picked up until the reception is almost over. You don’t want your bride giving her guests an inedible, melted mess as a favor, it will reflect poorly on her. Also, you could be blamed for not paying attention to the fine details of wedding planning.

Other favors that could be potential problems in the heat, candles and cookies decorated with frosting. In fact, I would stay away from any types of food as favors in the hotter summer months, there is just too much potential for problems.

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