Wedding Reception Food


As a wedding planner you will be helping brides plan their wedding reception menus. You don’t need to be a caterer, but having knowledge of a wide range of food, being aware of trends in wedding menus and knowing food terminology will help. Working for caterers or in sales and catering in hotels and resorts would give you the experience you need.
But if getting a job in catering isn’t possible for you, research and study food on your own. In addition to the bridal magazines you are already reading, read food magazines such as Bon Appetit and Gourmet or lifestyle magazines like Martha Stewart Living or InStyle which features a celebrity party in every issue. When you eat out, seek restaurants which serve food from different cultures so you become familiar with a wide range of possibilities. Watch shows on The Food Network that show chefs who cook for events. One of my favorites is Dinner:Impossible, in which the chef is given very little time to put together a full meal for a crowd.

There are, of course, numerous full-color books on food for wedding receptions and elegant parties that will teach you about food and presentation. However, one of my favorite food books doesn’t have colored photos. It’s The Prentice Hall Dictionary of Culinary Arts, a great reference book with definitions of food, hospitality terms, cooking methods, wines, and much more.

A large part of your bride’s budget is will be used on the wedding food. Learn all you can so you can help her make good decisions for her special day.

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